The PMP Exam is changing 12/15/19

Are you about to start the PMP study or you are in progress?  Are you nervous about getting it done? What happens if you don’t.  I am going to show you how this exam is really going to change. We already know that you can get 20% more money with the PMP but we believe more than 50% fail the test. The content is difficult and if you think it is tough now starting 12/15 the exam content will include Srcum concepts, Agile and other hybrid concepts.

So if you don't get this done before the deadline you will have to start from scratch

Get into this webinar right now and I'll show you what changes are coming and how to prepare for it and how to pass it now before the change occurs

The ship is sinking…I’ll give you the last lifeboat raft FREE if you register below.


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