Free PMP® Resources

Free PMP® Exam Email Course - 14 Weeks

In this totally free 14 week course, each week you will be prompted to take a PMP® mock quiz. The quiz is automatically set to be graded at 80% passing.


Free 7 Basic Quality Tools Course

Please enjoy this free course on the 7 basic tools of quality.  This course has videos on all these basic quality tools.  It has a course workbook and final exam.


PM Exam Coaching Student Forum

This is a completely free PMP Study Forum where members can can collaborate, discuss and study together to pass the PMP Exam. Question of the day is posted.


PMP® ITTO Explorer Course

Check out this amazing ITTO tool and then do the 20 question quiz on the PMP ITTOs with a passing score of 80%.


200 Q Mock PMP® - v6

Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP is proud to bring you completely free & brain twistingly hard 200 Question Mock PMP exam. An answer key is included.


PMP® Quick Study Guide

Update for version 6, this eBook was cultivated over years of coaching and taking feedback from students.


Free PM Exam Coach Workbook - Integration

Integration Knowledge Area workbook. It covers all the Integration Processes and the inputs, outputs and tools and techniques.


Work Performance Concepts Explained

Explains the subtle differences between Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information and Work Performance Reports and what processes are involved.


The Top 5 Most Common Stumbles on the PMP®

A short, but amazing recap of the top 5 things that almost everyone has problems with when they are preparing for the PMP Exam and a great video to explain it.


PMP 49 Process Interactive Online Game

A live web based game that allows you to practice all the 49 processes. People who finish all 49 processes are awarded a prize.



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