PM Exam Coach Experience

This is an intensive PMP prep program designed for individuals looking to make a serious commitment to pass the PMP exam in less than 6 weeks from the day they sign up.

Beyond being called an 'executive' type package, the PMEC Experience is a total immersion into the PMP exam prep world via an intensive and very personal PMP Coaching Workshop along with one to one coaching, supporting software, mini courses and study aids.  The program includes;

1. A live 1:1 hour long PMP coaching session between you and a certified PMP trainer to launch the program.  A custom study plan will be designed for you from that meeting and you'll follow this take action checklist throughout the program

2. A live and interactive small group weekend intensive PMP workshop. Containing a maximum of 8 students who can talk with Dan and each other during the sessions, this group will be a small and intimate cohort as Coach Dan covers the whole PMBOK, catering to the needs of just those 8 students.

3. One year access to PMEC Monthly subscription (LMS).  This includes all the video libraries, workbooks, earned value exercises, simulators, quizzes and much more.  Always kept updated.

4. Satisfies 35 Hours required to sit for the PMP Exam

Dan only offers this special program a few times a year so act now.

Any questions?  Contact: [email protected]



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