PM Exam Coach - Monthly

The days of spending thousands of dollars and having to attend in person training to pass the PMP exam are over.  There is now an option that anyone in the world can afford and anyone in the world can attend virtually for Passing the PMP Exam.  

The PM Exam Coach Monthly program is one low cost monthly subscription providing a blend of live and recorded virtual PMP training deliver.  You will also get ALL of the supporting materials 

- videos, workbooks, simulators, study aides, brain dumps, tips and tricks and more...

It includes everything, no tricks, no gimmicks and no upsell.  You pay one low monthly price, you study as hard and as fast as you can and then you pass the PMP exam and save a bundle of money while you are doing it.

Unsubscribe at any time there is no time commitment on your side.  

Many people who are dedicated can use this system to pass in one month only.  Imagine that, passing the PMP Exam for less than 60 dollars.

Lets make that YOU!


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