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Enjoy the Benefits That Come 

With Passing!

You know how valuable PMP® certification can be for your career – having that certification on your resume serves as proof of your project management knowledge and business and analytical skills.
Passing the exam can lead to better job opportunities and an improved salary. You’ll become more valuable to your current business – you’ll know how to raise revenue, cut costs, streamline business processes and get greater employee buy-in, all of which leads to a better bottom line for a company. You’ll also be better prepared to assume a leadership role.


Get the Training You Need to Pass Now … Without Interfering With Work & Family Responsibilities!

Most busy professionals like you have work and personal commitments that can make finding time to study for the exam difficult.
Add to that the fact that the PMP® Exam is not easy.
In fact, words used to describe it often include “rigorous,” “demanding” and “difficult.”
The sad truth is many people study for the exam for months and do not pass.
Think about how frustrating that would be – you study for months, all the benefits of certification are right there in front of you, but you can’t turn them into reality.

The Solution to This Common Predicament is Not to Study Harder, But to Study Smarter!

To help you do that I’ve created the ultimate PMP® Exam Study Program.


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In fact, you can use PM Exam Coach to get PMP® certified within 30 days!

This Program Includes:

Effective Learning Tools

From guides to workbooks to videos to simulators to quizzes to forums to games and more this program has training to engage every learning style.


Complete Study Blueprint

Don’t waste time! Find out when to study, what to study and how to study so you can maximize your valuable time and increase your chances of the passing the first time.

Expert Guidance & Coaching

Learn form a project management professional who has taken and passed the exam and has dedicated himself to helping others ace the exam and advance their careers. 


Up-to-Date Instruction

All course resources and training are updated to the current exam syllabus. You’ll be studying for the exam that is coming up not one that was held in the past.

Study Flexibility

You can study for the exam anytime, anywhere it is convenient for you. All course materials can be viewed on a PC, tablet or phone!

Training Options

Choose what works best for you. We offer everything from live virtual training to monthly “boot camps” to 7-days-a-week live training and more!

Don't Follow The Herd

The 'Normal' Way Of Preparing For The Exam Typically
ends with a frustrated student who failed the exam. Don't Be Normal.

Show me the non-herd way

This Program Offers EVERYTHING You Need to Pass...

& Nothing You Don’t!

Exam simulators that will prepare you for sitting for the exam.

Practice questions that are similar to those found on the real.

Study checklist to keep you on track for exam success.

Guides, workbooks and study aids that are easy to follow yet packed with information

Games, competitions and visual tools that make learning fun.

Interest-grabbing videos and live training that will also motivate you.

And much more!

This program gets to the heart of what you really need to know to pass. You get questions that are written just like the ones on the real exam. You get correct answers to questions you answer incorrectly and you can use your practice quiz results to direct your studies and ensure you strengthen any weak areas.


You can also select live or virtual training, take full practice exams, watch recorded videos and interact with me and other program members in the forum message boards where you’ll get inspiration and encouragement … along with more tips for passing.


And you can get all of this for a very affordable price if you act now!

Don’t go it Alone! Get the Support & Expert Advice You Need to Pass the First Time!


Imagine going to take the test feeling calm and stress-free instead of nervous and worried because you are confident you know what you need to know to pass the first time …


Imagine sitting for the exam and experiencing déjà vu again and again as you go through the questions …


PM Exam Coach prepares you to pass so you can start receiving all the benefits that come with earning a PMP® credential – like increased pay!


Just choose the program and options

that are right for you.


"PM Exam Coach has a wealth of knowledge and material. I highly recommend it if you want to be successful in becoming a PMP®." "

Janet Gallup

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