I failed the PMP® whats next?

failed pmp® pmp® exam Mar 08, 2018

Are you someone who has failed your PMP® exam and you are wondering what to do next?
You have come to the right person, as I am the PM Tutor and have helped a number of PMP® students with good advice and beneficial tools and techniques.

Just as when learning to ride a bicycle, someone may fall and usually, right away they get right back up to continue to learn how to ride that bicycle.

Your timing is great you can attend my last 6 hour live comprehensive PMP® exam preparation webinar session “The Last Mile”, which will be conducted on Saturday, March 10th, for 3 hours and Sunday, March 11th, for 3 hours, from 9 a.m. (EST) to 12 p.m. (EST). You should sign-up right way, as the materials covered, slides, workbooks, and amazing tools will provide what you need to build up your determination and commitment to pass your PMP® exam.

The link to this live webinar is: Dan Ryans The Last Mile Live PMBOK Fifth Edition Webinar on March 10 and March 11

Besides attending my live 6 hour webinar, you can follow my simple recommendations:

• Schedule your PMP® exam as soon as possible before the March 26th deadline, even if you must travel and the center is not nearby www.prometric.com ;

• Take advantage of my professional coaching which will provide a clear understanding of the PMI concepts and framework;

• Purchase my recommended PMP® test simulator.

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