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My PMP® Journey - Rosemary

pmp® exam pmp® journey pmp® testimonial Feb 25, 2018

Started my PMP® journey with attending an accredited PMI® Course. This lasted about 8 weeks and was a refresh on everything I learned about Project Management in a one year course I took with University of Irvine/SCE in 2014. In retrospect, I should have taken the test at that time, when all the information was fresh.

I knew obtaining the PMP® Certification (official accreditation) was necessary due to changing qualifications at work and also, to make myself more marketable in the future. I have felt the last two months working with Dan Ryan and Cornelius and all their tools, has actually made the difference in being ready for the actual test in the Prometric Center. I had never taken such a test and the timing, intensity, strategy and overall knowledge learning with all the tools, weekend class, simulator, newsletter, presentations, tips and practical practice has made me a very strong Project Manager, not only to pass the PMP® Test, but in my in my future interviews and career advancement opportunities.

Through the journey with Dan’s coaching and streamlined approach, I have gained so much confidence and know that many other successful students have validated Dan’s coaching and teaching.

I am so thankful to be part of Dan’s students and will be even more proud and happy when I pass the PMP® test in March.

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