I'm a Project Manager, but Should I Get PMP® Certified?

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2020

As a project manager you already know how important your job is. You may have spent years on the front lines, spearheading projects and getting the hard work done. Is it possible for your career to go any further? I can answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

Getting your PMP Certification is the next step in forging a lucrative career in project management. Why is certification so important? Well, our field is expected to grow six percent over the next four years. With so many joining the ranks of project managers, it’s important for you to set yourself apart from the rest. Having the PMP credential behind your name will make your resume stand out, and it will prove that you have the knowledge and experience that enterprises desperately need in their organizations.

Of course, having your resume stand out isn’t the only benefit here. Certified project managers can expect to earn 25% more than their non-certified counterparts, and the median annual salary is $111,000 USD. The PMI Institute is recognized internationally for setting industry standards and getting certification from them will give you the credentials to work anywhere around the world firms need your help meeting the ever-changing needs of their businesses. Membership will also provide ample opportunities to network and expand your reach in the industry.

What does getting certification involve?

To receive the PMP credential, you will need to pass the PMP exam.

It isn’t necessary to become a PMI Institute member to take the exam, but membership will reduce the fees associated with it. You’ll need to do a few things to register for the test:

  1. Check with the Institute to make sure you meet their eligibility requirements for education and experience.
  2.  Complete an application with your personal information.
  3. The institute will review your application. Look at their website for more information on their review process.
  4. Once your application has been accepted, you will make a payment for the exam.
  5. After payment has been received, it’s time to schedule your examination.

 What comes next?

You are now registered to take the test, but that was just the easy part. How will you prepare for the test? This is where my expertise comes in. I have coached thousands of professionals and helped them to pass the PMP Exam.

There are so many courses and methods of training available, but my experience has allowed me to develop a highly successful system that gives my students the skills and confidence they need to pass this exam.

Those skills are especially important now. There is a coming PMP Exam change that is expected to make the test 10 times harder to pass! That means it’s urgent to take the plunge and get your certifications now.

How to get started

Since you already have experience managing projects, you know that the initial planning is vital to set yourself up for success. You can start by thinking about which study methods will work the best for your personal learning style. Do you learn best by listening to lectures? Are you a visual learner? Do you need to read the material to gain a full understanding of it? Are you a hands-on type? You should also ask yourself how much time and money you can devote to your test preparation.

How I’ll help you

No matter what learning style you have, my coaching program has you covered. The best part of this program is, you’ll never need to leave your home - unless, of course, you want to! My training modules are provided online, giving you access anywhere you have an internet connection. You’ll have access, not only to printed materials, but also videos and simulations to aid your understanding of the exam. There are also live monthly PMP Virtual weekend boot camps.

I also provide you with a course planner to give you the framework to work through the materials at the pace best suited for your needs. All the teaching tools are up to date, including the PMBOK version 6 exam syllabus to help you prepare properly. You’ll also learn about the most common problems people experience on the exam, so you won’t make the same mistakes.

If you want a taste of the exam now, there’s already a practice quiz on the home page of my site. Did you know that most people can’t pass it? If you join my coaching program, I’ll show you just how to approach the test so you can take it with confidence!

My courses aren’t only going to help you in attaining your initial certifications, but they will be a valuable tool to help you maintain your certification as well with continuing professional educational hours. The industry is constantly changing, and I make sure the coursework helps you understand those changes.

But what’s the cost?

PMP exam preparation courses can cost well over $2,000, and in some cases, up to $4,000. That number doesn’t even figure in the hours you’ll spend getting to the location and studying on your own. Here lies the beauty of my program. For less than $60 per month, you will have full access to course materials to be completed on your own schedule.

If you can complete the coursework in one month, you will have paid less than $60 dollars for all the training you need to prep for your PMP certification! This is an incredible value that you won’t find anywhere else.

By now, you’re sure to see the value of getting your PMP certification. You also know that the coming PMP exam change means you need to act soon. What should you do next? It’s time to become a PM Exam Coach member and propel your career as a certified project manager forward!

Dan Ryan, PMP

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