When you are the guy that writes the Mock PMP® Questions - By Brian Fink

mock question pmp® exam pmp® simulator Feb 27, 2018

My name is Brian Fink and I have been involved in some kind of project management for most of my career, nine years as a chemical engineer and the last eighteen years in IT. I earned my PMP® certification in 2015 and one of the keys to that success was taking multiple simulation exams. Now that I am writing questions for simulators, I work hard to understand the way that PMI® wants someone to think about project management. First, I pick a concept that the question will be about. I come up with the core question and the correct answer. I then expand the question to include a situation and complete the answers with the explanation. What I enjoy most about this is seeing how people work to get to the correct answers especially if they are working to understand a new concept that they have not encountered in their previous experience.

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