My PMP® Journey - Naudia

On investigating on ways to pass the PMP® exam, in a short space of time, I came upon Shiv notes and how to pass the exam within 5 weeks. A free webinar was introduced and I watched it. I did not understand the integration concept and how quality and scope was tied in initially and the way it was explained I was in awe and was sold.
My preparation from then was following the 5 week plan from Dan and Shiv’s Last Mile Program. This I completed within 4 weeks. During this time I also practiced writing down the ITTOS daily after completing each knowledge area. I understood most of them, but practicing them daily made it easier to remember. I then reviewed each topic with the Rita Mulcahy Book. I did not read the entire book, I just read the notes and did the questions on each topic. I utilized the free simulators that were recommended and I was consistently scoring in my 80s. I also downloaded a PMP® App on my phone that provided PMP® questions on each knowledge area. I was consistently doing some form of PMP® studies.
To tie off everything I studied the main definitions under the planning process. I knew my formulas, comfortable with ITTOS and I knew the chart on Page 61 of the PMBOK® Guide 5.

My result - Above Target in all areas. Thanks a million Dan and Shiv.



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