My PMP® Journey: Francis A

pmp exam testimonial Jul 29, 2018

My PMP journey started on August 2015 when I signed up for my PMI membership. I became interested to become a Certified Project Manager after working on multiple projects. I knew getting certified will validate my experience and knowledge in Project management

For my preparation, I used several materials for my PMP exam but relied mostly on PMBOK. I read 2 to 3 hours on workdays and 5 to 6 hours on weekends for 2 months. I read the PMBOK twice, Rita Mulcahy once, used Headfirst to answer all questions after every chapter and if I scored less than 80%, I read the PMBOK again for clarity, I also used PM training for daily practice questions, and I listened to PMP Exam Prep by Joseph Philips every day at work.

Two months before the exam, I signed up for Dan Ryan’s PMP exam coaching class and Savage (PMP Exam Bosses Study Group) on Saturday by Phil C. Akinwale to fill in the knowledge gaps. Dan and Phil’s explanation were golden because during the exam, I felt like their...

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My PMP® Journey - Naudia

On investigating on ways to pass the PMP® exam, in a short space of time, I came upon Shiv notes and how to pass the exam within 5 weeks. A free webinar was introduced and I watched it. I did not understand the integration concept and how quality and scope was tied in initially and the way it was explained I was in awe and was sold.
My preparation from then was following the 5 week plan from Dan and Shiv’s Last Mile Program. This I completed within 4 weeks. During this time I also practiced writing down the ITTOS daily after completing each knowledge area. I understood most of them, but practicing them daily made it easier to remember. I then reviewed each topic with the Rita Mulcahy Book. I did not read the entire book, I just read the notes and did the questions on each topic. I utilized the free simulators that were recommended and I was consistently scoring in my 80s. I also downloaded a PMP® App on my phone that provided PMP® questions on each knowledge area. I...

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My PMP Journey - Tim K

I decided that after many years of running projects, I was going to become PMP certified. My belief was that with all of my experience, achieving certification would be a relatively easy endeavor. Wrong!! Attending my PMP prep class, I quickly realized that my plan to utilize my previous job experience as the foundation for passing the exam, would lead to certain failure.

I determined that if I was to be successful in passing the exam, I needed to learn and to start thinking of project management according to the PMBOK standards. I committed to learning and understanding the material, and also focused on what approach to use to prepare and pass the exam.

There are so many suggested approaches to preparing for the PMP exam. How do you determine what is the best method to select? Understanding that my preferred learning style is a blend of visual, verbal, and social learning helped me identify and select education components that would facilitate my exam preparation.

After evaluating...

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