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My PMP Journey - Tim K

pmp coaching pmp exam pmp journey testimonial Feb 22, 2018

I decided that after many years of running projects, I was going to become PMP certified. My belief was that with all of my experience, achieving certification would be a relatively easy endeavor. Wrong!! Attending my PMP prep class, I quickly realized that my plan to utilize my previous job experience as the foundation for passing the exam, would lead to certain failure.

I determined that if I was to be successful in passing the exam, I needed to learn and to start thinking of project management according to the PMBOK standards. I committed to learning and understanding the material, and also focused on what approach to use to prepare and pass the exam.

There are so many suggested approaches to preparing for the PMP exam. How do you determine what is the best method to select? Understanding that my preferred learning style is a blend of visual, verbal, and social learning helped me identify and select education components that would facilitate my exam preparation.

After evaluating many options, I developed and utilized the following PMP preparation approach:

  • Completed a local instructor led PMP Prep Boot Camp
  • I did NOT read the PMBOK
  • I did memorize pg 61 of the PMBOK – This is absolutely Critical
  • Reviewed PMP video training prep course- Dave Litton - Projex Academy
  • Completed a 6 Week online Group Coaching Session – Dan Ryan’s - PM Tutor
  • Utilized exam simulator for test questions-
  • Completed tests covering all Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, terminology and ITTO’s.
  • Answered approximately 1500 questions.
  • Researched each incorrect answer.
  • Utilized PM Tutor Facebook group
  • Worked with a Study Partner

Utilizing multiple education methods, and committing the necessary time to learning and understanding the concepts and principles of the PMBOK material was the key to my preparation and eventual success in passing the PMP Exam on my first try.

Tim Kelbel


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