What if I can't get a seat in the testing center before 3/26?

Okay so you have studied very diligently for the PMP® exam according to the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition, and maybe you have paid for and attended excellent professional sponsored webinars that provided great supporting materials, as well paid for and received a number of valuable professional coaching sessions, which were of tremendous value!

Maybe you have also taken many practice PMP® exams as instructed and scored very well, and now you are very confident of your knowledge of the Project Management Framework, as based on the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition.

But then suddenly you have a dilemma which is that you cannot find any availability at any nearby Prometric Testing Center, to schedule the PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition, before March 26th, and you do not want to take the PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Sixth Edition, which starts on March 26th.

What should you do?

As a the PM Exam Coach, I can help as I know there are many sincere and diligent PMP®students, that have encountered the same dilemma, in not being able to find any availability at their nearby Prometric Testing Center, to schedule their PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition, before March 26th.

Here is what you and many others can do to solve your dilemma:

  1. First, be determined and committed to take the PMP® exam according to the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition;
  2. Realize that searching for availability for the PMP® exam is fairly easy and quick, using the Prometric website;
  3. There are many Prometric sites and you may have to travel and stay overnight before your exam, but the sooner you perform your extensive search the better;
  4. Also you should perform several daily searches as site availability may become open, due to cancellations;
  5. Go to the Prometric website - https://www.prometric.com/en-us/Pages/home.aspx
  6. Navigate through the Prometric website by selecting the “Locate a Test Center” option, select “PMI-Project Management Institute” as the test sponsor, and again select the “Locate a Test Center” option and review the availability at each Prometric Testing Center in your selected range.
  7. Once you have found an available date and time appointment at a Prometric Testing Center, book that appointment immediately.

I hope the above answer will result in you scheduling, taking, and successfully passing your PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition.

Dan Ryan




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