What if I can't get a seat in the testing center before 3/26?

Okay so you have studied very diligently for the PMP® exam according to the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition, and maybe you have paid for and attended excellent professional sponsored webinars that provided great supporting materials, as well paid for and received a number of valuable professional coaching sessions, which were of tremendous value!

Maybe you have also taken many practice PMP® exams as instructed and scored very well, and now you are very confident of your knowledge of the Project Management Framework, as based on the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition.

But then suddenly you have a dilemma which is that you cannot find any availability at any nearby Prometric Testing Center, to schedule the PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition, before March 26th, and you do not want to take the PMP® exam based on the PMBOK Guide® – Sixth Edition, which starts on March 26th.

What should you do?

As a the PM Exam Coach, I can...

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How to Complete a PMI® – PMP® Application

pmp® application Jun 21, 2017

How to Complete a PMI® – PMP® Application

So, you are ready to fill out the application – that is great! The Project Management Experience and Project Management Education sections can be the most time-consuming parts of the application are in. Both require a large amount of data entry and descriptive writing. It took me a few days to collect the information and about four hours to put into the application. I have customized a spreadsheet for my students to copy and paste the information into the online application.

Project Management Experience:

In this section, the application is looking for project specific information. Here is a brief outline of the subject matter that you need to complete this section. This is where you need to sit down with your resume knowledge of the projects you worked on and really document the hours you worked on each project.

·        Project Name


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