The Top 4 Reasons you should train and develop Project Managers from within your organization

corporate training Mar 21, 2019

No longer are businesses exclusively going outside the company to find new Project Managers -- instead they’re opting to train internal staff to manage projects which saves money, increases morale and provides employees with a path for growth.

You most likely have many professionals in your organization that find themselves working as project managers, perhaps without ever having applied for the position. These “accidental project managers” are your secret weapon for project success if your company helps get them up to speed as quickly as possible on proper project life-cycle management. By spending time to grow and nurture your on-hand resources you are going to save time and money and reduce your speed to market. You will have happier, more productive staff that will stay with the company longer, evolving their skill-sets as they go.

The top 4 reasons business leaders are training internal staff to be PMs are:

1. They already work for you – Hiring and...

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