The components of a project management plan

pmp exam project plan Jul 18, 2018

One of the things that seems to confuse the heck out of my students is understanding how the project management plan is assembled and what are all of the components that are included. 

Most people know that the project plan is comprised of subsidiary plans, but they don’t really know which they are – or – how it is that these plans roll up into the overall project management plan.

So lets start with the facts, the Project Management Plan is comprised of a number of subsidiary plans and project baselines;

The most important subsidiary plans:

  1. Scope Management Plan - This plan establishes how we handle all of the subsequent scope processes including defining, monitoring and controlling scope and eventually working with the customer to validate the scope (deliverables)
  2. Requirements Management Plan - If you don’t have the requirements done just right on your project it is likely your project will be a dud. This plan makes sure that we work with the...
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