How to simplify your PMP ITTO study - should I memorize?

pmp ittos Jul 06, 2018

One source of major consternation for PMP aspirants are a category of the Project Management Framework called the ITTOs. “ITTOs” stand for Inputs, Outputs, Tools and Techniques. The framework currently is comprised of 49 project management processes that span five domains or process groups -- Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor and Control, and Closing. So, for all 49 of these processes there are items that go into the process (inputs), things we do while executing the process (tools and techniques) and results that come out of the process (outputs).  For example, let’s take one of the very first processes we do called “Develop Project Charter.” For this process an input would be the business case for why we are taking on this project. One of the tools used would be meetings, and, no surprise here, but the output is the Project Charter.


That’s simple enough, but when you consider that all 49 processes have multiple ITTOs, you...

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