My PMP® Journey - Joe

After working as a digital project manager for fifteen years in the fast-paced dot-com world, I made the decision to apply for certification, broaden my horizons so-to-speak. Had it figured out at this point, right? After all, I should be teaching these courses, not attending. I knew how to manage, how to implement, execute, monitor, and close. Oh, and here comes the yet. Yet, I did not know the philosophy, the standardization, the why to the how. That is what I learned. And here’s how I did it, passing the exam on the first pass, above target in three out of the five processes, target on the other two.

Aside from the PMI-requisites, I went right to the source and took one of Dan Ryan’s weekend coaching cram sessions. While the instructions were direct and dead-on, what truly helped were access to the resources provided. Spreadsheets filled with the ITTOs (and you got to know these, brother), PowerPoint decks and PDFs breaking down the ins-and-the-outs of the...

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