How long does it take to prepare for the PMP Exam?

You know, I have seen some PMP® ‘experts’ out there that give a strong recommendation that you will need to allocate no less than six months to prepare for the PMP® exam. These are big companies with reputable training materials - and a respectable number of customers. Then there are others who offer 4-day boot camps where they will supposedly have you ready to take the PMP® exam after four days. 

How are these recommendations so far apart? I know from experience that the truth lies somewhere in between.  

A 4-day course is going to cram too much material in a too-short amount of time. Sure, they may present all the material over four days, but it will still be up to you to take it home, digest and learn it.

On the other hand, six months is a long time - there is a too big risk a student could eventually fade off from their study routine. Then you’re back in the same boat - cramming at the end, frantically trying to sort...

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