PMP® Process of the day - Develop the Project Charter (4.1)

The project charter is a crucial element to your project. A properly created one saves time, energy and resources during the lifespan of your project.

Definition: The Project Charter is a formal document, usually written by the project sponsor or project initiator such as a buyer, that authorizes the project and gives the project manager authority to start. It is the first step in the initiating group that contains targets, wishes and constraints.

Where it is found:

·         Part of the Initiating Process Group

·         Free Standing process (not a parent or child)

·         In the Knowledge area: Project Integration Management

Inputs: The project sponsor collects information from current high-level research, previous projects, project manager input or PMO office to outline the restraints, success criteria and high level- milestones from...

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PMP® Study - Self-Direct vs. Team Approach

The road leading towards a PMI certification is filled with good intentions: working with a tutor, working with only one curriculum or simply going ahead by themselves. In my experience, there are two types of people: The Self-Directed individual and the Team-Approach member.


The Self-directed person gravitates to the idea of flexibility in the location, time and available materials. However, the reality can be time lost because this person looks for a free PMP® course and other study materials, phone apps, and self-improvement quizzes. One person told me they had researched for six months before they were “ready”.  

Team Approach:

The team approach connects with group PMP® coaching (usually with a tutor) working together to understand, articulate and apply the concepts. This option provides accountability, direction and subject matter expert access – an effective time management resource.

The PMI exam is expensive and will require a...

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